About Calming Collars

About Us

Calming Collars, a family-owned business, builds on the creative and technical talents of husband and wife team, Sergio and Deborah Mendez. Deb's innovative collar debuted in 2004 and now attracts customers from all over the United States and abroad. Serg and Deb take pride in the loyal following and heart-warming testimonials their products have generated.

Herbal Calming Collars are made to order

Deb at work

If she isn't talking to customers on the phone or answering their emails, odds are you'll find Deb at a sewing machine. Or shopping for fabrics!

Calming Collars is a family owned business

Sergio taking photos

Sergio gets to have fun with all things technical -- from website redesigns to photography. Plus he is our official herb grinder and has been known to fill more than his fair share of Calming Collars.

The Mendez Group Reinvented

In 1999, Serg and Deb formed a consulting company to serve corporate clients large and small. Back then, Deb focused on marketing and training, while Sergio provided software consulting and implementation. Still a family business, The Mendez Group now focuses primarily on Herbal Calming Collars. Sergio still splits his time between Calming Collars and his day job in the technology industry. Deb handles the customer interactions and much of the sewing -- with some help!

Since 2004 when Calming Collars was launched, the company has been granted a patent on their collar design and been the focus of news stories and articles in national pet magazines. Their focus continues to be an unwavering dedication to complete customer satisfaction and personalized attention.

Do What You Love. Deb has always had a talent for creating one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gifts for friends and family. Invariably the question arose, “Why don’t you sell these online?” She loved the idea and persuaded Serg to contribute his technical expertise. Soon, Deb and Serg were pooling their talents to market a wide variety of handcrafts. The challenges were great but the prospect of doing what you love and making a living drove them on. Besides, working from home allowed Deb to dedicate herself to her other “pet projects” – caring for a small army of cats, some rescued, some semi-feral, and perhaps one or two “transitioning.”

From People to Pets. When Deb started making aromatherapy eye pillows and heating pads/ice packs for people, the response was terrific. When a customer asked if she could make an aromatherapy collar for her dog -- the concept of Calming Collars was born. Intrigued by the soothing effects real herbs can have on both people and pets, she thoroughly researched herbal varieties and blends. Before long, Calming Collars became her primary focus.