Calming Collars are based on aromatherapy. Over the years we have developed and just about perfected our blends of calming herbs to help animals. We made our first Calming Collar in 2004 and in 2011 we were issued a patent on our unique design.

We have 4 products with many variations. All of our products are safe and use the same quality calming herbs as our original "people" products. We never use any essential oils. Specific herbs are listed on each product page. Although not organic, they are food grade herbs. Even if eaten, they will not harm your pet. The polymer crystals used in our Too Cools are non-toxic.

Your purchase will be made to order. No collars are filled with our calming herbs until we receive your order. Most orders are sewn, filled and shipped in under a week -- usually more quickly.


How They Work

When your dog or cat smells our herbal blends, they become more relaxed and less stressed. It is like turning down the volume on their stress levels. 

We started out making "people" aromatherapy products. We developed blends of herbs to help people relax and to reduce their stress. This was nothing new -- people have been using the scent of herbs to help them relax for centuries. When a customer asked us to make something for her dog, the idea was planted. We tested many blends  on dogs and cats and then refined our blends for the best results. Again, we prefer to only use the actual dried herbs -- no essential oils in any of our products.


How to Use

For most situations, it is best to "get ahead" of the stress. If possible, put the Calming Collar on 20 to 30 minutes before a stressful event. Of course, you can't always predict when a storm will hit or a stressful event will occur. If bad weather is predicted, you can have your dog or cat wear their Calming Collar all day long and they will be ready! If your pet is already stressed or anxious when you put on their Calming Collar it may take a little longer for them to relax.


How Long They Last

If your pet can smell their Calming Collar or Sachet, they should be calmed and feel more relaxed. This might be for several hours, it can be all day or even for a couple of weeks or months.

Some do wear a Calming Collar 24/7 and the only downside is the herbs will not last as long. When exposed to air 24/7, a Calming Collar will usually last 3 to 4 months. If only worn a few times per week and stored in a plastic bag when not being worn, the herbs may last a year or more. Many customers buy a new one each year. Some get a couple of years of use. This is much longer than the plastic "flea collar" looking dog and cat pheromone collars, plus you can pronounce everything in our cotton collars.

About Our Widths

Our standard width is about 2 inches wide. The single row is under an inch wide and more round. The single row is recommended for cats and smaller dogs. Medium and larger sized dogs may need the additional herbs that our standard 2 rows provide. The extra wide works best on Too Cool Collars. The extra wide is 4 rows wide and is between 4 and 5 inches wide.


This image helps visualize the difference.


About Our Sizes

Our products are sized according to a neck measurement. To order the correct size, measure your pet's neck and check the chart below. You want a loose measure, not tight. If in between sizes, order the larger size. Need a custom size, just select "custom" for the size and let us know in the comments during checkout your pet's actual neck measurement. We'll make up a custom cat or dog collar.


XS: 7 to 10 inches
S: 11 to 14 inches
M: 15 to 17 inches
L: 18 to 21 inches
XL: 22 to 26 inches
Custom: as needed